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Our Process | Premier Urgent Care | Lafayette, LA

Our Process


Visit us to check-in. Once you arrive, you will be asked for your insurance card, photo ID and co-pay.

Medical visit:

When you are ready to be seen, a member of our staff will lead you to a private exam room to take your vital signs and learn more about the reason for your visit. He or she may begin diagnostic tests such as X-rays, blood tests or an EKG to prepare for the medical provider. When the provider comes in, he or she will examine you, listen to your concerns and discuss your results, diagnosis and treatment plan.


When you are comfortable with the information the provider has shared, you will be escorted back to the front desk to complete your visit. There you will receive aftercare instructions, any necessary prescriptions and a record of your visit. Your provider may indicate that you should be seen again within the next day or two to make sure your condition is improving.


Our Urgent Care staff are always concerned first and foremost with your well-being and may schedule a follow up visit to see you again. Whether or not your condition requires follow up, our staff may call within a few days to see how you are feeling and to give you a chance to ask questions about your recovery process. In addition to the call, you may receive a brief online survey via email. We hope you will use this opportunity to give feedback regarding your satisfaction with your Urgent Care visit. We sincerely care about what you think and will use your answers to help with our continuous quest to improve our process and make visiting Urgent Care the best possible patient experience.